Monday, March 12, 2012

Rode Pin Mic

I had the original PIN mic from Ricsonix years ago. Peter Freedman and Rode liked the idea so much that they picked it up and buffed it a bit, making it the Rode Pin Mic.

I used the new Rode Pin Mic today on a shoot and was very pleased with the results. You can see it here between the buttons. Even though this is the buff silver color, it blends in very nicely with the blue denim shirt. I had a Schoeps cmc641 on the boom and the Pin Mic on the other track. They matched very nicely.

No problem with clothing noise. If I wanted to, I could have "replaced" the second button on his shirt with the mic to make it less obvious, but I wanted higher placement because we were in a pretty slappy kitchen and I wanted to get the voice as clean as possible.