Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sennheiser MO 2000 Industrial Optical Analog Microphone

Sennheiser MO 2000 Optical Microphone
This is not a review of a studio toy. It is, however, about audio; industrial audio. I had been hearing about a Sennheiser optical mic. Was this for studio use? Is it analog or digital? How does it work? I reached out to Sennheiser and within a week it was on my door step.

The Sennheiser MO 2000 system consists of a smallish half-rack-space box, a two-way fiber optic cable capped with an omni element. The system is powered by a wall wart power supply. There are both coarse and fine gain controls on the front of the chassis and a simple, lighted Off/On button. The omni mic element of the MO 2000 has a frequency response of 20Hzto 40kHz (+/- .6dB).