Friday, September 21, 2012

Not Your Father's AKG C 414 XLS and XL II

For the last ten years, established microphone companies have had to find a way to fill the product lines with low cost mics to meet lowball trigger prices. 

Something has to get lost when you're forced to make mics that cost 1/2 to 1/4 of the standard line. It's not all bad though. 

That challenge teaches you how to economize and streamline manufacturing procedures. But in the end, you're making hamburgers and hotdogs instead of steakI'd like to think we're coming out of that dark period and that the lessons we learned will result in better microphones. 

I see these two new AKG C 414B mics as evidence that this is true. Technically, this new breed of C414B is more sensitive, has less selfnoise, has better capsule isolation and has more features.

Application: Studio and live recordings or PA.
Key Features: Five patterns, multiple roll-offs and pads, low selfnoise, high sensitivity, includes suspensionmount, pop filters and hard case.
Price: $999 for the XLS, $1,099 for the XLII