Sunday, July 22, 2012

Event Opal - Bearing down on a gem

Event Opal Monitors
I’ve had the pleasure of using some great sounding monitors over the years and there does seem to be a price/performance ratio. When you start throwing dollars at linearity, low distortion, wide bandwidth, high frequency dispersion, transient response and stereo imaging, the bill adds up quickly. There are only so many ways to steal from the laws of physics, but there is always room for innovation. 
My initial impressions of the Opals, in order of their occurrence, were; heavy, almost 54 pounds a piece due to the large-ish torroidal mains transformers, large aluminum heat sink back-plate and high pressure injection-molded aluminum cabinets. Well-packed for shipping, Clean of line and accessible controls. These are bi-amped, two way monitors; Class AB, 600W Peak on the bottom, 140W Peak on top.