Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gefell M 900 - The Arty Condenser Mic

There is not a more exotic looking mic than the Gefell M 900 ($995). Part ray gun, part Venutian gynecological instrument, the cardioid condenser M 900 (and its hyper-cardioid cousin the M 910), are striking in their appearance. 
The M 900 is a transformerless, large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a single cardioid pattern. The membrane is a standard 1-inch gold sputtered Mylar membrane. The capsule was designed and computer-modeled at NIKFI in Moscow. According to GPrime, the US distributors, it has a ceramic backplate that is more stable to temperature changes than the often used brass. The conductive side is then chrome-plated. Over that is evaporated a one micron coating of Teflon. The Teflon acts as an insulator between the membrane and backplate and prevents damage as a result of incidental contact between the two. 

* Studio/Live Condenser Mic
* Cardioid Pattern
* Next to imposible to find

Sound Devices MixPre-D Two Channel Mixer with Analog, Digital and USB Outputs

Sound Devices MixPre-D
In the field, in the studio or in post, there are times when you don’t need or don’t want a big audio mixer. Maybe you’ll only be working with a mono or stereo source, but you want something better than camera microphone inputs. In some cases, the devices you’re asked to feed have no reliable balanced, analog audio inputs; computers, iPhones, iPod touch or iPads.

  • Transformer-balanced mic/line selectable inputs
  • 48-volt or 12-volt phantom power
  • "Unclippable" input peak limiters, dual-mono or stereo linked operation
  • Input panning to Left, Center, or Right outputs
  • Mid-Side Stereo (MS) matrix with width control and front-panel channel flip
  • Return can be used as ch3/ch4 aux-level inputs, selectable pan and level control
  • High-pass filters, 80 Hz or 160 Hz
  • Slate microphone and tone oscillator
  • Mic/Line/AES digital selectable outputs, digital SR of 44.1 , 48 , or 96 kHz
  • 24-bit, class-compliant USB streaming output for interconnection with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and select iOS devices, computer audio in MixPre-D headphones
  • Dedicated mic-level output on locking TA3 connector for unbalanced camera inputs
  • Headphone monitoring of program audio or external return audio
  • Sunlight-viewable, 16-segment GaN LED output meter with adjustable brightness
  • Internal battery-power from two AA
  • External power input, 10-18 VDC
  • High-strength, extruded aluminum chassis with metal connectors