Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sescom TRS to TRRS Adapter for iPad & iPhone


If you have audio gear with an 1/8" mini TRS output, like a Rode VideoMic, that you want to get into your iPad or iPhone, how do you do that?

With the IPHONE-ADAPT-1 adapter cable from Sescom! A foot-long cable that does a simple job to get your audio from Point A to Point B.

I couldn't really write a lot about it. What is there to say about a simple piece of gear that solves a problem. You probably won't see it mentioned as a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH, but it may be just what you need unless you're very handy with a soldering pencil.

Look for it at about $22 at all the usual places.

Here's the cable working with a Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mount with wide angle lenses, MicroPro LED light and Rode SVM. The IPHONE-ADAPT-1 allows the mini 1/8" stereo Rode SVM mic to be connected to the iPad.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Schoeps SuperCMIT DSP-steered Digital Shotgun Mic

Schoeps Super CMIT
I just started seeing the unmistakable Schoeps blue shotgun recently on TV during some media circus press event. It was probably the earlier analog version, but the point is, since no other mic has this blue metallic finish, Schoeps gets “recognition points” for daring go other than grey or black. Actually, putting out a shotgun mic, regardless of color, was some thing that Schoeps had not considered until they received solid input from the US market that one would be well received. That’s how the first CMIT came to be.
In another daring move, Schoeps released the SuperCMIT digital shotgun with a two-position, DSP circuit to tighten the pattern and lower ambient noise.