About Ty Ford

My work is usually mostly audio centered, but ranges pretty widely. I have produced (as in hired a DP, LD, Director and I did sound and then did the edit and mix) a pre-viz short of a film script and one half hour pilot. Low or "lowish" budget mostly. They've been a great learning experience. 

I actually enjoy doing talking head interviews. Here’s a great one I did sound for. The crew came in from Denver and picked me up for location audio.

I shoot on-camera auditions for actors when the casting company is too far away and do video demo editing for talent. 

When musicians come to record CDs some also want a simple video to demo what they do so they can get gigs, so I shoot and edit and post.  
Here's J. P. Reali on dobro.
Here's Neil Harpe on an amazing 1918 12-string harp guitar. 

Nothing fancy, one camera, one pass and because it's all set up here (with the famous muslin backdrop) and four-point lighting, I can charge very competitive rates. And because my studio is a great acoustical environment, the sound is will be better than most of what you find on YouTube.

I direct and produce voiceover demos for other VO talent. Sometimes they come to me pretty green and I teach them (sometimes I have to tell them to look for something else to do). Other times they're good to go and it's just about recording tracks, adding music and effects, mixing and making the final edits. Here are some talent demos I have produced for others. You have to download them from DropBox to hear them. They won’t play if you just click on the speaker. I'm listed on the local SAG-AFTRA Conservatory for as a teacher for VO technique, I also do voiceover myself.

I consult with people to put audio studios together. I consult with manufacturers concerning software and hardware. I can rescue audio from cassette, 8-track, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm vinyl, clean it up a bit and return it on CD or as files on your hard drive. If you have old multi-track analog music masters, call Steve Puntolillo 732.303.8559 or visit his web site. He even bakes tapes if that’s required.

I’ve been working on “Aches And Gains”, a series of half-hour radio programs on pain and pain reduction for Paul Christo, a pain specialist at Johns Hopkins. We've done 170 shows that air on Sirius/XM, Family Talk 131. I record and mix audio for radio and TV spots. Here's a LINK to the DropBox folder with radio spots and other audio produced here. You can’t hear them by clicking on the speaker, you have to download them.

I record/mix music. Sometimes I take tracks recorded elsewhere to mix and master. Sometimes I do it all here. Sometimes I just master. I have recorded 3 or 4 CD over the years for Larksong, a six-person madrigal group in a great church. Also several recitals of flute orchestras, a bunch or rock groups quite some time ago in one of the better recording studios in town, small acoustic or electric groups here in my own studio. Here are 'The Soul Magnets', a four-piece group on Stevie Wonder's "Signed Sealed Delivered."

Karyn Oliver's "Hurricane" - most tracks recorded here, mixed and mastered here.

David Zee's  "Can't Sit Still" - recorded at David's, mixed and mastered here.

Andrea Pais "Five Song Demo" - recorded here, mixed and mastered here.

J. P. Reali "Bottle Of Blooze" - recorded here, mixed and mastered here.

That's most of it. I write articles, do some blogging and lead the Creative Cow Audio Forum.

Then there’s the Qigong Healing and Chakra Balancing work. I have studied extensively with Robert Peng,  Rosalyn Bruyere, Arlyn Kline and Zoran Hochstetter, who teaches the Domancic Method. Literally hundreds of hours of study and work in this exciting field. More here.

I like playing guitar, sailing and roller skating. Then it’s time to go to sleep, wake up and start all over again!