Saturday, April 28, 2012

Neumann TLM 103D - Intelligent Mic with A Memory

Neumann TLM 103D
The Neumann family of Solution D digital mics currently includes the TLM 103D, the flagship D-01 and the KM D series (KM 183 D, KM 184 D and KM 185 D). The TLM 103D has an internal 24/192 kHz A/D converter and channel strip DSP. The TLM 103D may be used by itself without the channel strip, if used with the connection starter kit that provides power to the mic and a simple AES output. The full blown three-part system is comprised of one or two TLM 103Ds, RCS software and the two input DMI-2 digital mic interface.  

The channel strip is accessed via high-functioning, Mac and PC-compatible RCS software. From it you can see each mic’s, pattern (if adjustable, which pattern), pre attenuation (-6, -12, -18dB), gain (0-63dB), variable low cut, de-esser, test signal with tones, comp/limiter, peak limiter, mute, polarity reversal, LED on-mic light intensity, sync, AES 42 info and other features. Settings are stored in the mic. The TLM 103D, then, is an “intelligent mic with a memory.” The DMI-2 interface can support two AES42 digital mics, each of which with it’s own preamp and channel strip.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic - Ready For Action

This Australian-made Rode NTG-3 microphone ($699) seems extremely well-placed for its price and performance. Like the Sennheiser 416, the NTG-3 is an RF-condenser unit that combines a somewhat sophisticated RF circuit with the capsule to reduce the deleterious effects of high humidity. It's tricky to design, but worth the effort. That design element has contributed greatly to a "bullet proof" reputation for similar mics and should do the same for the NTG-3.