Friday, March 30, 2012

MCA SP-1 Cardioid Condenser Mic

MCA SP-1 Cardioid Mic
A few years ago, a friend sent me one of these MXL MCA SP-1 mics so I could evaluate it. His thought was that it sounded like it should cost a lot more than $39.99, which is what it streeted for back then. Lately I've seen it for $52.99 at B&H.

I got it. I listened. It does sound like a much more expensive mic; maybe $500 -$600. I suggested it to a friend a few months later and he bought two. He recorded some audio and sent me the tracks. Yup, sounded pretty much the same.

About six months later another friend asked me for advice on a mic for VO to do talking books. I told him about the SP-1. He bought it and had a client tell him he thought the files sounded like they were recorded with a much more expensive mic.

This is a Chinese mic and they typically don't sound all that good. The SP-1 doesn't sound edgy the way so many Chinese condenser mics sound. If you're down to you last $50 and it's a choice between a rent payment and this mic, pay the rent. If you need a good sounding cardioid condenser mic. Give it a shot! It's a good deal.

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