Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sescom Audio Adapter Cable For iPad 3

I finally got an iPad 3 and, of course, instantly began looking for ways to connect it to audio. Sescom is a very reliable manufacturer of audio problem solvers. I discovered them years ago while writing my first gear reviews for Radio World. I wouldn't mind having one of everything they make just for those  situations where you need to get from here to there and can't.

I don't have an immediate need to get audio into my new iPad 3. I got it so I could use it as a teleprompter. It does have an onboard mic for simple things, but what about things that aren't so simple? Maybe an interview for broadcast or podcast. Because the iPad 3 has a surprisingly good camera; maybe audio for an online video. What about connecting professional mics with XLR connectors? While specs on the 30-pin connector on the iPad 3 show both USB and Fire Wire, I'd still need an easy connection and a USB or Fire Wire adapter. Enter this handy little Sascom cable, the Sescom IPHONE MIC 1RA.

The IPHONE MIC 1RA's mini TRRS plug goes into the iPad 3 headphone jack. That jack is actually bi-directional, so you can input audio and monitor at the same time. (There was a slight delay on the audio app I was using.) The cable has a DC blocking circuit to keep unwanted low voltages from running back up into your microphone.  If the app you choose has a monitor out, you can plug in some headphones and monitor while you record and playback. I'm still looking for the perfect app for this sort of recording; one that has input meters, allows some form of basic editing and takes advantage of the iPad 3's 24-bit recording. Maybe one that also does stereo recording. But, for now, the IPHONE MIC 1 RA is a handy addition to my kit.

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