Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sescom TRS to TRRS Adapter for iPad & iPhone


If you have audio gear with an 1/8" mini TRS output, like a Rode VideoMic, that you want to get into your iPad or iPhone, how do you do that?

With the IPHONE-ADAPT-1 adapter cable from Sescom! A foot-long cable that does a simple job to get your audio from Point A to Point B.

I couldn't really write a lot about it. What is there to say about a simple piece of gear that solves a problem. You probably won't see it mentioned as a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH, but it may be just what you need unless you're very handy with a soldering pencil.

Look for it at about $22 at all the usual places.

Here's the cable working with a Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mount with wide angle lenses, MicroPro LED light and Rode SVM. The IPHONE-ADAPT-1 allows the mini 1/8" stereo Rode SVM mic to be connected to the iPad.


  1. I really liked this article! What affordable conversion lens would you recommend?

  2. Hello Andreiev,

    Thanks! I'm using the lenses that are available with the Makayama Movie Mount. (see the link in the story above). There may be others, but the Makayama mount looked like a good way to mount lenses. The screw-on piece for the lenses is a little fragile, but I've had it for almost a year and so far, so good.

  3. Hello Ty,

    I am recording video with my iPad in Spain. I have a Rode NTG1 and the iRigPre adapter to input audio in the iPad. The iRig Pre can adjust the audio level while recording video. Can you adjust the level of the audio recording when you shoot video in your iPad with the IPHONE-ADAPT and your Mic?

    Thank you for your blog, it is very interesting.

    Óscar Oncina

    1. Buenos Dias Oscar, If the software you're using allows input level changes while recording then yes. If not, you could achieve the same effect with a mixer that outputs mic level placed before the adapter. For high quality, I suggest the Sound Devices 302 mixer. In the firmware you can change the line output to mic level.

    2. Good morning to you Ty, now here it is afternoon ;-)
      Thank you for your quick answer. The apps for recording video like FiLMiC and others, only have audio monitoring. You can't adjust the level if you don't use a sound mixer you can't increase the level...

      Now I will continue recording with the iRig Pre and the Rode Mic.

      Thank you Ty.

      Have a nice day!

  4. I spent too long trying to find a TRRS plug so I could make an input/output cable for my Android tablet. Seemed like something that Radio Shack should have, but nope. I could only order one (about $5) on line with about $5 more for shipping. I didn't really care that much about getting audio out of it, I wanted to get audio into it, and it looks like this $22 Sescom cable is just an output cable.

    I found this TRRS-to-3xRCA cable through Amazon for under $3 with free shipping. Works fine

    - Mike Rivers

    1. Oops - forgot the link for the cable: